Basic Virtual Staging

We can work with any type of digitally formatted photo you provide. If possible, we prefer photos with the jpg file extension.

Basic service is $50 per photo and does not include any editing to the photo quality - we simply add the virtual staging.

Virtual Staging with Touch-ups

Prior to doing any basic virtual staging, we will touch up your photos to improve lighting and hide minor wall, floor or ceiling imperfections.

Virtual Staging with Touch-ups is $65 per photo. You must select the Touch-up option when you order or we will assume it is just a Basic Virtual Staging.



Declutter then Stage

Photos that are to be decluttered, automatically are edited and touched up for any wall, ceiling or floor imperfections as well, prior to virtual staging.

Decluttering is $85 to $125 per photo, depending on the degree of decluttering. We will provide an estimate after we see your photos.

Virtual Kitchen Remodel

This is a premium service and can take up to 7 business days to complete.

The Virtual Kitchen Remodel does not require a photograph. Instead, we need room dimensions including ceiling height. Please contact support for additional information. Price is $300 per kitchen and includes up to 3 views. Each additional view is $50.


How to Order

Please use the order form located at Order/Upload Form.

You'll need to provide specific instruction for each photo that indicates if a photo will have Basic Staging, Touch-up Staging, or Declutter Stagging. Also, be sure to indicate the type of room we are staging for each photo (i.e. Master bedroom, dining room, etc.). Finally, let us know if you want to designate the photos as being digitally staged by placing "Virtually Staged by" in the lower left or right corner of each photo as part of your disclosure.

You will receive an email acknowledgment after we receive your order and calculate your invoice.

Your invoice must be paid in full before we commence any work.

We will email your photos back to the same email you sent them from unless you request otherwise in your original order.


Terms and Conditons

After we receive your order we will review it and based on your instructions and the level of virtual staging requested we will issue an invoice. Work will not start until payment is received in full.

Each edit request is invoiced at an additional $35 per photo.

Kitchen Remodel edits are $100 each.

Really Big Splash is not responsible if supplied photos are of poor quality.  We cannot improve photos that are out of focus, the wrong color, or too dark.

You will obtain a full refund on any orders canceled before we begin any part of the digital staging process. You may be entitled to a partial refund on any photos that have not been started as part of a batch of photos. We do not offer refunds or credits on any digitally produced work once it is started or completed.